4 Easy Steps to Get Your Hat Brim Back In Shape!

If your hat is looking a bit worse for wear, you can have it looking sharp and fresh again in no time. Read on for 4 easy steps with no specialist equipment needed!

Step 1 - What you will need

  • A steam iron
  • Ironing board or flat surface
  • A clean washcloth
  • A Kettle if you don’t have a steam iron
  • Your hat

Step 2 - How to Iron and Protect your Hat

Keep the iron at a low setting and let it heat up.

Place your hat on the ironing board or whatever flat surface you are using.

Place the clean cloth over a section of the brim and run the iron smoothly over the cloth.

Be careful not to touch the hat directly with the hot iron as this can damage the straw fibres.

Move the cloth around in stages until all the brim has been ironed and you are happy with the finished look.

Step 3 - How to Mould your Hat using Steam

You can use a steam iron for this to release a jet of steam or a boiled kettle of water works well too.

Hold the hat 6-8 inches away from the source of steam and once the steam hits the straw it will start to soften and become more malleable.

Reshape to your desired look.

 Step 4 - How to Store your Hat Properly

Storing your hat properly will ensure it is kept in the best condition, giving you years of enjoyment wearing it.

Your Clement & Grace hat comes with a dust bag and box provided so place inside, keeping the hat turned upside down.  The dust bag also doubles up as a useful, lightweight backpack when you’re out and about and need to take it off.   

Do not store you hat in the back of the car or in direct sun light, this dries out the straw which in turn can distort the shape and cause it to crack.  

Also, If you hang it on a hat stand, make sure it is not in direct sunlight all day.

If you have any questions on caring for your hat, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: